• Phantom- Wallet Browser Extension


    Way to get Phantom Wallet Browser Extension

    If you are looking to get the on your computer then you need to add its browser extension to it. To get the Phantom browser phantom login extension, you need to follow the steps that are given below:

    1. Keep your computer connected with the internet connection

    2. Open the browser on which you want to add Phantom Extension

    3. Navigate to the Phanto site phantom login

    4. From the top-right corner, look for the ‘Add to browser’ button

    5. On this page, choose the ‘Add to Chrome’ option and click on it

    6. Now, wait for a while, the extension file be installed on your browser

    After passing the above steps, your browser will be turned into a crypto wallet. In case you are looking to use the mobile version of the Phantom Wallet then you need to visit the App or Play Store to install its mobile application on your Android/iOS device.

    How to set up your Phantom Crypto Wallet?

    The setup process of the Phantom Crypto Wallet is not so difficult. You can set up it by approaching the path that is given below. Make sure that your device is connected with the internet connection before moving on to the steps:

    1. Launch the browser on which you have added the Phantom extension

    2. Now, you need to open the extension by clicking on its icon

    3. Get to the ‘Create Wallet’ button and click on it

    4. Choose a new password for your crypto wallet

    5. Type it again in the next field to confirm it